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Leslie Nielsen v2

Monday, March 28, 2011

Charity Auctions up on ebay!

Naked Gun Leslie Nielsen KITBASH / CUSTOM

 Hmmm... Picture seems smaller, might upload better pics. Anyways, this is Leslie Nielsen sculpt on a random brown suit I found. I don't really like the white shirt as the collar is too high and makes it look weird, will look for a better one. The body I used was a TTL V2.

 Thanks for looking!

Liev Schreiber as Victor Creed from "Xmen Origins"

This was a fairly simple bash, the head is a modification of one of those heads that came from a Hot Toys True Type Slim, it wasn't done by me, I just bought a casting of the mod and painted it myself, the hands I believe were also a mod.

 The clothing was a cheap set I found ebaying around, not quite happy with the quality, had to sew here and there to make it look "in scale", but it'll be for now. I still need to make the teeth design on the belt buckle, but I'm swamped with other projects so I think I wont tackle on the belt buckle until I find a better clothing set.

 Thanks for looking!

A new set of painted heads

Thanks for looking!

Ken Watanabe headsculpts for Japan.

EDIT: Here's the link for the auctions : Auctions

 Ken Watanabe as Saito from "Inception", and Katsumoto from " The Last Samurai" will be both up on ebay soon, the amount collected from the auctions will be donated to help Japan's victims of the catastrophe.

 For those interested, I will be posting the link once I open the auctions.


 Las dos esculturas de Ken Watanabe como Saito y Katsumoto respectivamente seran puestas en ebay, la cantidad recolectada sera donado a las victimas de la catastrofe en Japon. A los interesados pondre los links cuando haga oficial la subasta.

 Thanks for looking!