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Leslie Nielsen v2

Friday, June 17, 2011

Office / Studio work place.

This is my work place. It's not as fancy as some other artists studios, but it's something. I need to get better lamps for illumination, those are recycled from my house, heh. I have my PS3 there also, but I seldom play with it, too busy creating :P .

 This is my collection of heads I've made, from other artists and random heads. You can also see random figures I have placed in the shelf, most of them are customs in the works and part of my main collection, which most of them are still boxed because I lack space to show them, and some of them are displayed somewhere else.

 Thanks for looking!.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tom Wilkinson as Falcone figure bash

 Finally, my Tom Wilkinson figure as Carmine Falcone from Batman Begins. I'm really happy how this turned out. I spent like an hour or so futzing and working with the clothing to make it look right, I also added some cotton padding to the base figure, a regular HT TT I had lying around. It's not the best of paddings, but it works, I think, haha.

as a matter of fact I really like the Figureboss clothing set, really well done AND the best of all, very affordable, it's around $34 from some online and ebay vendors, I will be keeping an eye out on their future releases. As for the ACI toys shirt and tie, well, what can I say ? top notch as always, no complaints.

 This might sound like I'm advertising their brands, but it's not like that, I'm just grateful that they made this possible with their products.

 Anyhow, I didn't picture the shoes because he doesn't have any yet, I thought that the Figureboss clothing set included them, I guess I didn't read the description before buying, XD .