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Sunday, September 26, 2010

1/6 The Kingdom: Ronald Fleury (Jamie Foxx)

 This is Ronald Fleury played by Jamie Foxx from the movie The Kingdom. This one here is my first incursion into the 1/6 kit bashes. I used a Michael Jackson slim body because I didn't know the difference between figure bodies and I thought they were all the same height and all, but with different sculpting "style". Now that the TT advanced are out I might update this guy.

 The head was sculpted by Numo, I bought one from him at a discounted price, so in theory the discount is what made me take the plunge. I tried to match the color of the skin with the arms so I wouldn't need to paint the arms. 

I made the little dio over a generic stand that came with a generic 1/6 figure body, the sand is made using some kind of putty (I forgot what kind of putty), as well as the details in the metal post, then painted accordingly. I used to make dioramas, so doing it brought back some memories.

 Jamie Foxx used a HK (Hekler & Koch) G3 in the movie, but I couldn't find it in 1/6 scale so I had to settle down with this one.



Juan Pablo Solis G said...

Mae vos sos una calidad de artista!

CheungKinMen said...

Mae pura vida por el comment P4P4, hehe, pues digamos que estoy tratando de seguir mis instintos, a veces es el dibujo, a veces la escultura, a veces el pintar miniaturas o lo que sea que venga. Si me da un bloqueo me muevo a otro lado para seguir fluyendo los liquidos creativos, haha.

Tuanis por el comment de verdad :)