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Monday, September 20, 2010

1/6 Kiss of the dragon: Jet Li as "Liu Jian"

 This is a kitbash I wanted to make ever since I walked into the 1/6 scale world. I think Kiss of the Dragon was one of the best movies Jet Li has ever done. The simple black clothing he used in the film was easy to replicate in 12".

 The body used is an Enterbay Bruce Lee body, I think it fits Jet Li since he has a smaller frame being asian, the Enterbay BL body is smaller than a Hot Toys True Type or a Sideshow Buck/Prometheus body so I thought it was a must if I wanted him to be "in scale".

The head I used is a recast of Enterbay's Fearless Jet Li head, I sculpted the hair and painted it. The recast head wasn't 100% good, I had to fill in the imperfections. This is the second time painting a 1/6 scale head, I used to customize action figures, so painting was easier than sculpting for me. As for the rest of the figure, I dyed his shirt black and asked a friend of mine, who is a tailor, to fix the pants a bit, because originally they were very baggy on this type of 12" body. I did the needle bracelet using some wires and masking tape, it's not the best job, but it serves it's purpose at least.

Hope you like it!

JOhnny (Cheungkinmen)

1 comment:

Critic said...

damn!! fucking awesome mate!! pretty impressive work right there