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Friday, September 10, 2010

Inception: Saito (Ken Watanabe) Head Sculpt

So this is Ken Watanabe from Inception, it's a 1:6 scale head sculpt for a custom figure I'm throwing together, the movie is so awesome that I have to have the whole team. Watanabe-san is like my third sculpt, and I think I did pretty decent. I'm planning on sculpting Eames and Yusuf to complete the team, unless someone does them first :P . As for Ariadne, I'm afraid to sculpt her, but I guess I'd have to take a shot at her.

        I'm currently working on Eames (Tom Hardy). The son of a gun is hard to sculpt, but it should be considering that it's like my forth sculpt. What's my first you ask ?, well it's a Sammo Hung from Ip Man, I already painted it, and stuff, I will upload later but it's so ugly I don't want to, as for my second is a Beetlejuice, I'm planning on throwing together a kit, the clothing is currently in testing phase as I was not very happy with the initial results.

      I'm going to upload the painted sculpt later, until I find someone who can help me make casts of it (locally, and I mean in Costa Rica), otherwise I'll have to experiment myself. I'm planning on selling the head for those interested, so I'll let you about availability.

1 comment:

Critic said...

Awesome work, he looks just like Saito, cant wait for Eames, these two are my favorite