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Leslie Nielsen v2

Monday, June 27, 2011

M.F.C.U : T.O.R.O

So this is a random design I came up with. His ring name is T.O.R.O, which stands for his actual name Tarcisio Onofredo Rossetto Oliveto. He lost his left hand and left eye in a fight with a bull, later he went back and killed the bull and used one of his horns as a weaponized prosthesis.

I plan on making a 1/6 scale figure out of this. I would need to modify a body and then sculpt the head and everything that is needed. Hopefully, if this comes out as I expect then I hope to keep plasticizing my designs :P .

All the design ideas I have for these are of course random in nature, but with a common theme, "cool and crazy designed fighters in UFC style matches".

"Millennium Fighting Championship Unlimited" is where these kinds of matches are hosts.

I hope to keep my word on it, I'm full of shit when it's something for myself, haha.

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