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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Inception: Saito Head Sculpt Painted

 Here's Saito painted at last. Took me long enough because I was painting 4 heads at the same time just to see my painting consistency through out the 4 of them.

 For those interested, I'm selling these heads, there are going to be only 25 available worldwide for now, and I got 0 heads left, heads are cast in Polyester Resin. Here's the price listing:

$28 Unpainted without shipping
$50 Painted without shipping

Shipping for 1 head would be around $5 to the US and the rest of the Americas, and $8 to the rest of the world with international tracking number.

I only accept payments through Moneybookers, I'm really sorry about this but I cannot work with PayPal because it's money withdrawal option is unavailable in my country (Costa Rica), any other methods of payment  might be workable, my email is on the right side of the screen in the Facebook box, so if you are interested shoot me an email.

 Ok, now moving on to Eames...

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